Norton Security Premium/ Deluxe (*****)

When you are looking for an anti-virus solution you are looking for a product that is effective, user friendly, feature rich, and up to date. Norton Premium/Deluxe is that product.  

When I recommend a product, it’s always one that I have extensive experience with, thoroughly tested, and researched. I started using Norton back around 2002.  I have seen it go through many changes, from being effective and system hog back in the early days, to the slimmed down, fast champion it is today.

Norton is a constant PC World Editor’s Choice, nearly always finishes at or near the top of every review, and has lived up to its stellar reputation time and time again.  In the very few times I have had to contact their customer support, it has been top tier every time.

Norton is feature rich. Along with its unparalleled anti-virus abilities, it also tunes your machine, defrags it, checks your email (when using outlook or Thunderbird), and in the case of Premium, has a fantastic backup component that will easily allow you to backup your data both on your computer and on the cloud.

It is also as user friendly as it can be. It may have a ton of features, but it is also very easy to use and navigate.

It is by far the finest, most user-friendly, and most effective anti-virus program on the market and I fully recommend it.